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Can You Help With Trinity's New Inmate Education Program?
by Christopher Hunter - Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 09:24 AM
Dear Trinity Family, 

We are excited about our inmate education program for prisoners. Many of you have already heard about what we are doing in this area. I have asked Leann DeHart, who is our coordinator for the program, to pour out her heart on this issue. She has such a burden for it, and has been longing for students to get involved in some way. Below is a message from Leann. Please take the time to read it, then prayerfully consider giving her a call. Even if you do not feel led to help in a direct way, you might send her an encouraging note, or commit to a time of prayer about this matter. - Dr. Braxton Hunter, Trinity's President 

From Leann DeHart:

To my faithful brothers and sisters in the Lord,

He sits alone with no support, with no kind word or human touch, with no hope.  Day after day he will find himself facing cruelty, dehumanization, and the threat of violence.  He might know of God, but he believes he has been abandoned.

He is just one of the 2.2 million people in prisons across this country.  He may or may not be guilty because we have such a broken justice system.

I am appealing to you as a sister in Christ.  I need your help to provide books and Biblical education materials to those incarcerated.  I hear heart wrenching life stories from inmates, chaplains, and family members and as one Kentucky chaplain said, "I sit in a corner some days and I weep until I am spent."

Please,  I ask you to  find it in your heart to give whatever you are able to our Prison program.  This is an opportunity to be Jesus' hands and feet in a dark place where light and love are needed so desperately.

Humbly and most sincerely..........Leann 

Leann DeHart
Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary