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Trinity On Demand Webinars
by Jeff Anthony - Monday, February 29, 2016, 04:56 PM
Introducing Trinity's On-Demand Webinars


I am excited to announce that after several months of preparation, Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary is finally ready to offer our newest course format, The On-Demand Webinar. We are launching with two courses that have been greatly appreciated by our students - Angels and Demons (Dr. Braxton Hunter), and Soteriology and Election (Prof. Leighton Flowers).

Angels and Demons: It's fair to say that Angels and Demons is the flagship course for The On-Demand Webinar format. When this course was taught live, it was one of the most well attended webinars in Trinity's history. Why should you take the course? Angels are somewhat incidental to the story of the Bible. That is to say, it does not seem to be the intent of any biblical author to give us an exhaustive explanation of angelology or demonology. Nevertheless, the study of these magnificent and mysterious beings is surely warranted. How do we know this? Because they're in the Bible! Moreover, a proper understanding of angels and demons will make the student more consciously aware of spiritual warfare. This, then, has a great impact on practical ministry, apologetics, counseling, biblical studies, and preaching. Get ready for an exciting study!

Soteriology and Election: Trinity's academic department endeavors to have professors, and visiting professors, who have real world experience defending their positions on tough theological issues. This is true of Dr. Braxton Hunter, Dr. Johnathan Pritchett, visiting professors - Steve Gregg and Donald J. Johnson, and the professor for this course, Prof. Leighton Flowers. In this course students will learn the nature of salvation, become exposed to various views regarding the subject, hear both sides by viewing the live public debates between those of different doctrinal positions, and gain an understanding of how to practically incorporate these matters into the ministry of the gospel.

Dr. Braxton Hunter on the question, "What is an On-Demand Webinar?" One of my goals as Trinity's fifth president is to regain Trinity's status as the cutting edge leader in distance education innovation. Our school was founded with the guiding principle of flexibility in the delivery of theological training. We have students in 120+ countries. This means that when our professors are teaching webinars, many students are copiously taking notes in the middle of the night. I decided that we needed to bring our commitments to innovation and flexibility to bear on this problem. The On-Demand Webinar will function, in many ways, just as a typical Trinity Online Course would. The student will have a virtual classroom, a variety of bonus resources, platforms for interacting with other students, and sections for assignments. However, recordings of Trinity webinars will be available as YouTube videos (meaning you can watch them on any device and at anytime). Now, I want to be clear, these courses are "on-demand" in the sense that during the weeks that a given course is being offered, the webinar recordings can be viewed (and reviewed) at any time, but we will still be offering these courses during specific weeks. The reason for this is obvious, we don't want to merely give you a bunch of videos and assignments. We want you to get interaction with others in the course classroom in order to replicate the interaction you would have if you were involved in the live-streaming webinar. Nevertheless, once an On-Demand Webinar course has been created, it can be audited at any time, whether the course is currently being offered for credit or not.

Angels and Demons - Start Date: March 7, 2016; End Date: April 18, 2016

Soteriology and Election - Start Date: March 7, 2016; End Date: April 18, 2016

Cost per Trinity On-Demand Webinar is $120 (if taken for course credit); $35 audit fee if taking for no course credit.

Contact one of our Advisors today at 812.853.0611, or email them at contact@trinitysem.edu.