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Special EV 401/601/801 Evangelistic Ministry Webinar with Dr. Hunter
by Johnathan Pritchett - Monday, January 18, 2016, 11:50 AM

Special EV 401/601/801 Evangelistic Ministry Webinar with Dr. Hunter

Trinity is excited to announce that for the first time in several years, Dr. Harold F. Hunter, Trinity’s previous president, will be teaching a one-day webinar. This Thursday (1/21) he will be teaching the course Evangelistic Ministry.  In his own words, Dr. Hunter will be sharing all the “trade-secrets” of 25 years of full-time evangelism, and pastoral evangelistic ministry. Become equipped to have successful evangelistic events whether you are in small-church ministry, large-church ministry, or are planning an area-wide event in conjunction with other congregations.  You will not want to miss this incredible day with a genuine veteran of evangelism.

Trinity Crusades for Christ has been in existence since 1991. Since that time, over 250,000 decisions for Christ have been recorded, and over 1.2 million teenagers have listened to encouraging messages on suicide prevention. There is no more pressing time in our culture than now for more evangelism and evangelists to come alive and answer the call of the Great Commission our Lord has given us.

To enroll for this course for credit or audit, call 812-853-0611 and speak with an Advisor today. Even if this course is not a part of your degree requirements, you may be able to replace one of those courses for this one. Hope to see you there.



Johnathan Pritchett

Vice President of Academic Affairs