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New Class! Motivating and Encouraging Adults begins 7-13-15!
by Dr. Ingrid Buch-Wagler - Thursday, July 9, 2015, 10:09 AM

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Motivating and Encouraging Adults

Announcing the first webinar offering of Trinity’s new life coaching program!

  • How to increase your own inner awareness, emotional resilience, spiritual acumen, and leadership abilities (for none of us can take anyone farther than we have gone ourselves)
  • How to form and sustain a healthy coaching relationship
  • How to apply skills to enhance your client’s growth such as deep listening, fostering curiosity, and stirring action
  • How to promote your client’s trust
  • How to maintain ethical behavior and Christian standards

So what’s the stage coach image have to do with this? The term coaching comes from, you guessed it, coaches:

  • “Coach” meaning “personal private tutor” is based on a word picture: to quickly move from one point to another you need to ride in a (horse-drawn) coach, which requires a coachman.
  • First recorded use of the word coach meaning tutor, was in 1848. At the time a coach was the fastest means of transport: an unbelievable 8 miles an hour!
  • Brewer’s 1870 dictionary: “Coach: A private tutor is the coach you take in order to get somewhere fast.”

I’ll be your coachman on the four-stage (week) coach leaving the station on Monday July 13th promptly at 6 central. Come join me!

Dr. Ingrid Buch-Wagler

To enroll in one or more classes or for more information, please contact your Academic Advisor by calling 812-853-0611812-853-0611, or contact them by email at contact@trinitysem.edu. You may be able to substitute one of the courses for another course in your degree program, please check with your advisor for details.