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Coptic Christians
by Dr. Harold Hunter - Friday, February 20, 2015, 02:46 PM
I am very saddened by the barbaric murders of the Coptic Christians. This vile deed has struck me especially hard because a few years ago the Coptic Diocese of Canada chose Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary as its school of choice for their leaders and laymen after evaluating many other seminaries. As the president of Trinity, I travelled to Canada and was thoroughly impressed by the humility and dedication of the Coptics in their ardent love for Jesus. The Canadian Diocese is the second largest in the world exceeded only by the Egyptian Diocese. Many of the Coptics in Canada were there because of their having fled persecution in Egypt. They told me horrible stories of torture. Because of the generosity of many supporters of Trinity, we were able to provide education for many of these dear people. In fact, I had been invited to have a meeting with their previous world leader in Egypt before his untimely death. I encourage you to pray for Coptics everywhere, and I urge you to contact your senators, representatives and the president to express deep concern that immediate and strong action be taken to protect people of faith worldwide, be they Catholic, Protestant or Jew...as well as the Coptics with whom we mourn at present.