Picture of Dr. Ingrid Buch-Wagler
PM407/550/750 Christian Worship
by Dr. Ingrid Buch-Wagler - Tuesday, July 8, 2014, 05:09 PM

Worship in the church

Please join us for our webinar, "Worship in the Church". We will be examining both the theology and practice of worship but no, you don’t need to be “musical” to excel in this course!

A classically trained pianist, Dr. Buch-Wagler has studied worship academically, and been a church musician since a teenager. Join her each Thursday evening at 6 central during January for a lively and practical discourse into the vast and paramount subject of worship in the life of a believer and congregation.

Although this class starts Thursday evening (7/10/14), it is possible to enroll by Thursday. Please contact your Academic Advisor by calling 812-853-0611, or contact them by email at contact@trinitysem.edu. You may be able to substitute one of these courses for another course in your degree program, please check with your advisor for details.