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Ethics for the Christian Counselor Online
by Dr. Ingrid Buch-Wagler - Monday, May 12, 2014, 12:18 PM
Ethics for the Christian Counselor

This month our graduate and doctoral levels Christian Counseling Program resumes after a month off. All our courses are done online. If you are a counselor, or you are a pastor, teacher, leader, administrator, or mentor . . . consider taking one course or the whole program.

During June we will be examining Ethics for the Christian Counselor, always focusing discussion on serving our clients, parishioners, or mentorees, within the light of a biblically compatible worldview. And always the goal is to look at ways to help others heal emotionally and get unstuck from old patterns or conditioning to live an abundant life in Christ.

Enjoy your fellow students as we thoughtfully engage together each week in an asynchronous time format. The course is designed to be stimulating, learning-rich, and yet entirely “doable” within the all too busy schedules of our typical Trinity students.

You need no special technical skills to do online learning. It is very simple and completely user friendly.

To sign up, just contact an Academic Advisor at 812-853-0611 or at contact@trinitysem.edu.

As always, I am available for you at ibuchwagler@trinitysem.edu.

God bless you!

--Dr. Ingrid Buch-Wagler